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Labour Market Information

Did you know?

  • The average income for women under 30 is now higher than that for men in the same age group
  • Between 2013 and 2023, an estimated 55,000 additional jobs are forecast to be created in the Financial & Professional Services sector across Greater Manchester
  • Forecasters tell us, in the not too distant future we will need Digital Detox Therapists – counsellors who specialise in separating technology stressed individuals from their devises, creating unique analogue immersion zones.

Wage rates, job availability, skills gaps, unemployment rates, together with reports from professional bodies and economic summaries from think tanks, plus an array of other resources make up the wealth of knowledge we have provided under the banner of labour market information (LMI).

The understanding and application of LMI is a core part of a careers professional’s competencies and is central to ensuring that young people are equipped with the information needed to make well informed realistic decisions.

Labour market information is information relating to work and employment. Employment areas are grouped as employment sectors. Employment sectors are jobs and careers that are related to the given sector, and may be related to each other.

All information in this section of the virtual environment has been provided by New Economy, Greater Manchester's Policy and Research Team.

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